20 Ltrs Single Bucket Trolley

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20 Ltrs Single
Bucket Trolley

Down press design of wringer trolley 20 litres with single bucket for the cleaning of smaller areas. Now Mop Wringer Trolley in Housekeeping is very common.
Wringer Trolley is used for daily mopping and cleaning of your floor and other hard surfaces.

Application Areas of Single Bucket Mop Wringer Trolley

Offices, Stores, Restaurants, Residential Complexes, Banquet Halls, Hotels, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Old Age Homes, Schools, Coaching Centers, Colleges, Religious Places, Food Processing Units, Public Facilities, Government Institutes, Manufacturing Units, etc.

Key Features of Single Bucket Trolley

High Quality Down-press design of wringer.

Higher bucket for more water and to accommodate large mops.

Shockproof body made by 100% virgin plastic.

Four castor wheels for easy movement on all sides.

Bucket with the handle for easy disposal of dirty water.

Quite visible Caution warning.

Technical Specifications

Total Height with Handle : 67 cm

Bucket Height : 24 cm

Total Length : 63 cm

Width : 27 cm

Capacity : 20 Liters

Net Weight / Gross Weight : 3.5 / 4.6 kg

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