Abrasive Pads

3M Floor Pads and Hand Pads

Selection of Incorrect Pad can harm your surfaceS. Learn to choose right Abrasive Pad for cleaning!

Just like picking correct cleaning agents, you need to learn the art of choosing appropriate Round Pads for your applications as well. Such cleaning pads of different color coding and technical details are available for Single Disc Machines, Auto Scrubbers, and Manual cleaning Tools; selection of incorrect floor pad can seriously harm your floors other surfaces, which is unrecoverable sometimes.

3M non-woven Pads offered by GLOBAL Enterprises

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Floor Pads

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Hand Pads

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Manual Pads

A perfect combination of Machine, Tools, Chemicals, and Abrasive Pad can provide miraculous cleaning results. Being an expert we have chosen specific and appropriate pads for most common cleaning applications and suitable to the various floors cleaning and maintenance issues. You can also visit our page of cleaning chemicals for recommended chemicals for your application.