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As a cleaning service provider, you use to search for a cleaning chemical that is efficient and cost-effective, but most of us just overlook the third and most important aspect of a cleaning chemical which is safety, particularly in the case of upholstery cleaning chemicals. Safety of upholstery should be the topmost priority; If the seat or surface fabric is damaged it is almost irreversible for most of the time. This can seriously harm you financially and disrupt the relationship with the customer forever.

If you talk about our upholstery chemicals, be it carpet and sofa cleaners or carpet spot cleaners, we are taking care of all three parameters i.e. price, effectiveness and safety. This class of chemicals can be used in various applications of carpets, upholstery and car cleaning with all associated machines and equipment. These chemicals are more apt in this covid phase as they are having antibacterial agents along with great cleaning performance and fabric brightening aspect.

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