Plastic Caution Sign Board for Floors | Standing Warning Board

Safety of people is also important. Use Caution Sign Board during Cleaning and Maintenance.

A Shape Caution Sign Board by Global Enterprises

Caution Sign Board

Yellow ‘A’ shape sign board

A yellow colored free-standing “A-Board” Caution signboard is popular with messages like, “Wet Floor or Work in progress” but we can supply plain boards on demand as well.

It’s the responsibility of the team carrying out the cleaning or maintenance jobs to warn the visitors or workforce of the area about the risk during the process and the Caution Sign Board is a professional way to do so.

There is various type of caution sign board available in the market, but we always suggest durable Plastic Tent Sign Board, which is durable, foldable and easy to handle during housekeeping and maintenance applications.

Application Areas

Offices, Stores, Restaurants, Residential Complexes, Banquet Halls, Hotels, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Old Age Homes, Schools, Coaching Centers, Colleges, Religious Places, Food Processing Units, Public Facilities, Government Institutes, Manufacturing Units, etc.

Key Features of Plastic Sign Board

Made of 100 % virgin and shockproof plastic.

Easy to handle and foldable.

Evident from a long distance.

Message printed on both sides of the board.

Excellent print quality for a longer life.

Technical Specifications

Height : 40 cm

Width : 15 cm

Depth : 10 cm

Weight : 90 gm

Standard Color : Yellow

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