Foldable Laundry Trolley

Sturdy and Foldable Plastic Laundry Basket Cart

Foldable Laundry Trolley

The guest room service cart is a multifunctional service trolley basically designed to replenish the Guestrooms with toiletries and other non-edible products. This also has the provision to collect the extra linens, towels, or any other useless items including trash in the room.

Foldable Plastic Laundry Basket cart, specifically designed and used to collect Laundry from the rooms. Since many a time you have to pick damp towels along with linens and guest laundry too; it is advisable to have strong bags along with a durable frame and bottom support to cater for the heavy load.

A foldable frame is always an added advantage with a good laundry cart, as you can store these carts in a smaller area after completion of the collection work. The design of our trolley is such, that you can fold it and even disassemble it easily for a longer storage purpose or transportation.

Application Areas

Hotel Floors, Hospital Floor (Patient Rooms), Banquet Rooms, etc.

Key Features of Foldable Plastic Laundry Cart

Strong and Sturdy PP construction.

Light weight and easy to move on most surfaces.

Large vinyl bag, which can accommodate heavy load.

Fold-up bottom base acts like support for the bag.

No marking wheels.

Available Sizes:

Total Dimensions : 71 X 66 x 95 cm
Top Tray inside Dimensions : 46 X 48 X 68.5 cm
Wheels (Non Marking) : 4 Nos. | 3”
Weight : 9.5 kg
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