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General Purpose Cleaner | Alternative for Hard Surface Cleaner

 All-purpose floor cleaner

OSSOM S2.1 – General Purpose Cleaner Concentrate | Floor Cleaner

This OSSOM S2.1 General Purpose Cleaner cum floor cleaner has neutral pH, anti-slippery property. It is economical in Use. This general purpose cleaner and a No Rinse formula does not require rinsing after washing and mopping.


Ossom S2.1 is an effective formula while delivers superior cleaning results on tiles, stone, porcelain, epoxy, vinyl, linoleum and all polished floors.

This concentrate floor cleaner for mopping is ideal for use on floors, walls, furniture, painted surface, counters, etc.

This general purpose best floor cleaning liquid is perfect for daily usage at homes, offices, hotels, clubs, showrooms, malls, industries, etc.

The low dilution levels makes it the most economical solution for professionals as well as DIY users.

Pleasant Long Lasting Fragrance

Floor Cleaner Lizol

Recommended Dilution:

Normal soil: 10-15 ml in one liter of clean water

Heavy soil: 20-30 ml in one liter of clean water.

Application Methods:

Apply diluted product using a spray, mop, cloth, brush, or machine on the surface to be cleaned.

Then wipe off with a lint-free cloth, mop or wiper.

Suitable for all water-safe hard surfaces.


Shake well before using the product.

Direct exposure to sunlight should be avoided..

Store at room temperature in a dry place.

Do not mix with other chemicals.

Health and Safety Measures:

Avoid inhalation and contact with eyes or skin.

In case of contact, immediately rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.

If swallowed, then do not induce vomiting.

After that, seek medical advice for immediate action.

Wear appropriate gloves and safety mask while handling concentrated product..

Always keep the jar tightly closed and out of reach of children.

Available Pack Sizes: 5 Liters.