Springmop cleaning mops

Microfiber Velcro Hand Pad

Microfiber cleaning pads with excellent dirt carrying capacity.

SpringMop® Velcro Hand Pad Runner

This SpringMop® Microfiber Velcro Hand Pad is 12.5 x 30cm wide and comes with color coded borders.

Material Composition:

100% Microfiber with Soft PP Strips Weave

Fiber Length:

12 mm height


Light Grey Microfiber Yarn


12.5 x 30cm


Dry-Damp-Wet Cleaning Pads.

Areas of Usage:

Perfect for manually cleaning of table tops, counters, walls, glasses, etc.
Grill Cleaning Pads.

Wash Cycle:

Up to 500 washing cycle.


Use with Manual Hand Pad Holder or 3M Doodlebug Pad Holder.

Available Sizes:

We can also customize the pad as per specific requirement.

Main Features of Microfiber Velcro Hand Pad

The microfiber hand pad absorbs and hold 600% water of its own weight.

This high-quality velcro backing hand pad is having very good dirt-carrying capacity.

It offers better durability than non abrasive non woven pads.

Ideal for Hotels, Malls, Airports, Retail, Showrooms, Educational Institutes, Industrial & Household Applications.

It is recommended to avoid cross-contamination. Use the color-coded hand pads as per following:

Red Colour – for toilets and bathroom.

Blue Colour – for general areas like rooms, hall, offices, lobby, etc.

Green Colour – for kitchen, food preparation areas, restaurant, etc.

Yellow Colour – for infected and critical areas like patient room, lift, etc.

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