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Original Microfiber Mop

100% white floor mop with excellent dirt carrying capacity

SpringMop Original Microfiber Mop

This SpringMop® Original Microfiber Mop comes with both side Pockets, Velcro Pocket and Velcro Backing. These microfiber mops are available as per HACCP & NABL color coding system.

Material Composition:

100% Microfiber Weave

Fiber Length:

12 mm height


White Microfiber Yarn


Dry – damp mopping and cleaning. For medium to large areas.

Areas of Usage:

Vitrified tiles, marbles and granite, various hard and other stone flooring.

Wash Cycle:

Up to 500 washing cycle.


Use with SpringMop Smart Folding Frame, Pro Flat Frame & SpringMop Pro Velcro Frame.

Available Sizes:

40cm, 50cm, 60cm and 75cm. We can also customize as per requirement.

Features of Original Microfiber Mop

The microfiber Lobby Mop absorbs and hold 600% water of its own weight.

This high-quality Microfiber Mop is having very good dirt-carrying capacity.

The mop dries quickly, cleans more thoroughly than a standard mop.

Ideal for Hotels, Malls, Airports, Retail, Showrooms, Educational Institutes, Industrial & Household Applications.

This SpringMop® Microfiber Mop is available with

Pockets – for Smart Folding Frames

Velcro Pocket – for Flat Frames

Velcro Backing – for Velcro Frame

It is recommended to avoid cross-contamination. Use with SpringMop color-coded frames and handles as per the following:

Red Colour – for toilets and bathroom.

Blue Colour – for general areas like rooms, hall, offices, lobby, etc.

Green Colour – for kitchen, food preparation areas, restaurant, etc.

Yellow Colour – for infected and critical areas like patient room, lift, etc.

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