fbpx Velcro Hand Pad Original » 100{{ Microfiber, 12mm, 600}} Absorbency

MF Velcro Hand Pad

Microfiber Floor Mop with excellent dirt carrying capacity.
Velcro Hand Pad Original
Velcro Hand Pad Original
Velcro Hand Pad Original SpringMop
Velcro Hand Pad Original SpringMop

SpringMop® Velcro Hand Pad Original

This SpringMop® Microfiber Velcro Hand Pad is 12.5 x 30cm wide and comes with color coded borders. These microfiber hand pads are available as per HACCP & NABL color coding system.

Material Composition:

100% Microfiber Weave

Fiber Length:

12 mm height


White Microfiber Yarn


12.5 x 30cm


Dry-Damp-Wet Cleaning.

Areas of Usage:

Perfect for manually cleaning of table tops, counters, walls, glasses, etc.

Wash Cycle:

Up to 500 washing cycle.


Use with Manual Hand Pad Holder or 3M Doodlebug Pad Holder.

Available Sizes:

We can also customize the pad as per specific requirement.

Main Features of Microfiber Hand Pad

The microfiber hand pad absorbs and hold 600% water of its own weight.

This high-quality velcro backing hand pad is having very good dirt-carrying capacity.

It offers better durability than non abrasive non woven pads.

Ideal for Hotels, Malls, Airports, Retail, Showrooms, Educational Institutes, Industrial & Household Applications.

It is recommended to avoid cross-contamination. Use the color-coded hand pads as per following:

Red Colour – for toilets and bathroom.

Blue Colour – for general areas like rooms, hall, offices, lobby, etc.

Green Colour – for kitchen, food preparation areas, restaurant, etc.

Yellow Colour – for infected and critical areas like patient room, lift, etc.

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