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Enhancing Cleanliness

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Founded in 2008 with the goal and focus to provide effective and economical hygiene and cleaning solutions while maintaining and enhancing health and safety standards.

Our Approach…

Challenging status quo always needs a fresh and bold approach; continuous and relentless efforts are called for to derive extraordinary results.

Our History

A firm founded and mentored by professionals, mainly from the Industries of Cleaning and Hygiene; launched as a merchant firm of cleaning chemicals and tools, evolved rapidly as a manufacturing company and e-commerce platform (hygienedunia) during the journey of 12 years.

A firm founded and mentored by professionals, mainly from the Industries of Cleaning and Hygiene.Click to Tweet

We as a trading firm realized that either the products related to the cleaning field are of poor quality or which are good enough, are abnormally costly for the customer. We accepted it as a challenge and prepared a channel of consultants to study and design each chemical and selective tools related to the field of Professional Cleaning.

Preparing effective and economical hygiene and cleaning solutions but quality products was not an easy task, but we continued to research resources of raw materials and other parameters to keep costing under control, so that we could deliver the products at affordable prices, maintaining excellent quality.

Evolution and Products Developed

The outcome of constant research is in front of you. We are now providing a wonderful range of Cleaning and Hygiene Chemicals under the brand of OSSOM EnviroCHEM and Professional Mops under the SpringMop® brand; not only through Authorized Channel Partners in various states but Online Platforms as well – Hygiene dunia

We have recently launched a full range of auto care products, which have been very well welcomed by the channel partners, service providers, and end-customers.

Sourcing of Machines and Tools

Having a cumulative experience of 40+ years as a team, we have explored the suitability of the products to the specific applications, technological strengths, correct pricing, and worth of each product related to the field of Cleaning and Hygiene. Hence, it was strategically decided by the management team to introduce outsourced Machines and Tools for the end-user, merchants and associated channel partners.

We are not only displaying the outsourced selected products like Vacuum Cleaners, High-Pressure Jets, Mechanized Floor Cleaning Machines, Hand Dryers, Soap Dispensers, Cleaning Tools, Housekeeping Trolleys, Shoe Shining Machines, etc., but also ensuring smooth invoicing, timely delivery, and installations as per requirement with the help of our experienced co-ordination team.

Knowledge Sharing

During this journey of Global Enterprises – Enhancing Cleanliness, we also realized that most merchants and service providers of Cleaning and Hygiene are not upgrading themselves with the technology and not adopting newer business models.

We, as Professionals from Hygiene and Cleaning field, took the initiative to train and share knowledge gained by us during all these years; when such training started generating results, we also hired few specialists and experienced people to train our team and channel partners on a nominal charge, for more impactful and professional training sessions.

On the same path of knowledge sharing, we have come up with our unique Biz Consultant Model, where we are providing various ready-made innovative business models for budding entrepreneurs and people looking to upgrade the old business models.


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