Liquid Air Fresheners


When you are residing or working in a place for a longer time, you get used to the smell of that place, but many studies have revealed that the aroma of the areas affects the mood and productivity of people. A really good fragrance in an office, a call center, or an educational institution can uplift the results and productivity miraculously.

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  • S5 Green Room Freshener Ossom Aquascent 5Ltrs Pack

    Ossom S5 – Aquascent water based Room Freshener

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  • air freshener for home

    Ossom S5 Deo Aquascent Air Freshener Concentrate

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It is also said that we don’t forget the smell of the visited place for decades and smell goes into the emotional portion of the brain and the memory parts. In other words, the memory of a place gets clubbed with the good or bad smell of that place and stored in our minds.

If you want to improve the happiness, productivity and be remembered for the great fragrance by your visitors, do select from Concentrated and Water based Room Fresheners from our range, which is safe for your Upholsteries and other surfaces.

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