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GLOBAL Enterprises seeks Distributors (Exclusive Supply Partners ) for unrepresented territories for our brands OSSOM® EnviroCHEM®, SpringMop® and other Cleaning Products.


In the field of Cleaning and Hygiene

Thanks to our previous professional experiences we were always in an advanced position as an organization, and our growth as a company never surprised many. Since 2008, we are tirelessly working towards our goal to provide decent products at an affordable price.

The continued upward trend of our sales graph is not just achieved because of our quality and cost, but also thanks to hundreds of key accounts managed by our business associates; these supply partners are working hand in hand with us for years now.


Some of them were fresher to the business and helped by GLOBAL Enterprises to set up and run smooth sales and supply operations in the allocated areas. This positive and proven model of partnership ensures that both the company and supply-partner support each other to achieve business goals.

Become a Supply Partner with global enterprises

SUPPORT to Exclusive Supply Partners

Why to become exclusive channel partner with us?

No matter if you are newer to the business or in the field of Cleaning & Hygiene, you can trust us a professional but companionable organization. We can support you to establish and operate the business to ascertain good revenue, excellent profitability with a minimum initial investment.


will be provided to you for our brands in the designated area. We provide documentations and certifications to build your reputation as a professional vendor among corporate and industrial clients.


and initial product knowledge along with suitability of the products to the various applications will be provided in details. A periodical discussion with you and your team is also a key feature of our business support module, which keep you updated on various subjects and motivated for next level of business


also to be provided by our in-house team for your Online and Offline presence in the market. This is a very costly affair for an individual businessman, but you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money on online-directories like IndiaMart, TradeIndia, and JustDial, now. We will be ensuring a strong and effective digital presence by posting regularly on social media on your behalf. An experienced and dedicated team is appointed for search engine visibility.


is not only for multinationals now! By associating with us, you can enjoy the taste of business through online business leads. Our e-commerce platform Hygienedunia is specifically and peculiarly designed and run aggressively with us to generate online business for Sales and Services related to Cleaning and Hygiene. We pass-on the generated leads to concerned partners, which enhance your business as well as penetration in the market.


is an additional benefit to you. Other than our in-house brands of OSSOM® EnviroCHEM® and SpringMop®, we have created a huge sourcing platform targeting same set of customer. You can offer all these products to your regular customers and boost your business multiple times immediately.


will be provided in form of cards, regular and festival posts along with video clips, all this is a standard part of our content support and prepared by our team. You can use all such high-quality professional advertising material to keep your brand active.


to run the business; our own Cloud-based proprietary software determines an unobstructed sales-management and safety of the database related to daily activities.

EXPECTATION from Exclusive Supply Partners

Our exclusive supply partners (ESP) should have space for godown cum office & sales person and invest, to maintain optimum inventory level, to make their business a success.


The ESP should own/lease a medium space of approximately 800-1000 sq. ft. carpet area for godown cum office purpose. The location could be at backyard lane, but should be easily accessible for smooth & fast deliveries. A desktop/Laptop
is must for accounting purpose. Multiple iron racks also need to be put in place.


The exclusive supply partner monitors and controls day-to-day operations like sales, demo, deliveries, receivables, client meetings, etc.


The exclusive supply partner will make an immediate investment for procurement of most of the fast moving products and some quantity of slow moving products as well. He/she will also require working capital for operational expenses and urgent purchases.


The exclusive supply partner should have 2 or more sales person who will approach to target customers and respond to the leads. We will help them for their training and product & market knowledge. We will support them with our digital market campaigning also.

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