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The offerings by GLOBAL Enterprises

Whether you are looking for a household vacuum cleaner, a mechanized cleaning machine for your organization, or a soap dispenser for your office;

It is always complicated to choose the appropriate machines and types of equipment at a reasonable price.

You are dependent on some paid websites for finding and procurement of such important machines and equipment. Most of the employees of those sites are neither adequately experienced nor experts in the field.

The Sourcing Platform Global Enterprises

In comparison

we use a combined 40+ year experience

of our core team to hand pick machines and equipment from the market and make it available to end-users and resellers. Our experienced team members have personally used, tested, and evaluated most of these products in their respective professional careers. They also keep themselves updated with recent developments about recently launched products and companies.

Our experienced team members have personally used, tested, and evaluated most of these products in their respective professional careers.Click to Tweet

Regularly comparing the available products in the national and international market is our standard practice. We use all the skills and abilities to compare the products of different brands technically and commercially prior to uploading and recommending them to you.

Overall, we aspire to provide technologically proven products at an affordable price. You can remit orders or send your queries; our team will help you choose the products according to the application and segment.

Advantages to the End-user from our Sourcing Platform:

Pre-analyzed commercial and industrial range of products to choose from.

Complete technical details and support team to resolve technical queries.

Expert advice from senior team members for specific applications and other high-end products.

Techno commercial offers on-demand for budget approvals and formal process.

Door Delivery in all major cities of the country.

Offline or online installation support and training as per demand.

Support to get spares and accessories.

Advantages to the Resellers from our B2B Sourcing Platform:

Trusted and established group for more than a decade.

Highly experienced management team in the field of commercial and industrial Solutions for the environment, housekeeping, and other hygiene-related products.

Strategic tie-up for technically proven product ranges approved by the experienced core team of the group.

Expert advice by senior team members of our group for application-based products, high-end products, or bulk orders.

Support in the way of Techno commercial offers and related documents for corporate offers and government tenders.

Sales and service support in various parts of the country.

Uncomplicated hierarchy, which helps our channel partners to expedite the matter easily. Issues resolved easily as formalities and approval systems are limited.

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