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Trolley is crucial to complete the task within the targeted time. Choose it wisely!!!


Multipurpose Cart Housekeeping Trolleys

If you are from the hospitality industry, or property management service; you must be well aware of the importance of each minute while preparing the rooms and floors. You will also appreciate the fact that the janitorial and service staff needs the perfect housekeeping trolleys, wringer trolley, and other utility trolleys, along with machines and consumables.

Since Housekeeping is now developing as a combination of Science and Art of cleaning, you need to have all the related supporting tools, chemicals, and consumables in one place to complete the tasks efficiently and within a stipulated time; and such trolleys are best way to ensure availability of every product and consumable required during the services.

Inadequate planning for trolleys and lack of proper training to use them may impact the productivity and impression of the property as well.

Remember, you need to choose Housekeeping Trolleys as per size and number of rooms and floors to be managed.

Type of Housekeeping Trolleys

There are n numbers of designs and patterns of Housekeeping Trolleys for Hotels available in the market, but we divide them into three types, in general:

Janitorial Trolley: Mainly used for wet mopping and comply the similar housekeeping activities, wringer trolley is one such example.

Room Service Trolley: Such Trolleys are a supplement to the janitorial trolley which is used to collect used linens and garbage; and also carry the stock of fresh linens, toiletries, etc. to top–up the rooms serviced.

Recycling trolley: They are specifically designed and used to collect garbage and trash from the rooms and other areas of the properties.

You can broadly segregate Janitor carts into three types:

Janitor Cart

Wringer Trolley

Multipurpose Trolley

The motive of all such products is to ensure quick and efficient cleaning with a greater impact. Whether the targeted area is occupied or vacant, such housekeeping trolleys help to perform janitorial staff effectively; you cannot imagine professional cleaning without a single trolley on the premises.

Advantages of using Housekeeping Trolleys :


The existence for every such cart is to ensure that sufficient Fresh or Soapy at hand of the staff, along with other necessary items needed for that particular area, to reduce back and forth visit to the storage or wash areas.

Hygiene Level

Keeping separate trolleys for different areas of a larger establishment are always recommendable to avoid cross-contamination. You can pick and choose the suitable trolley for a particular area of the premises as per size, footfall, and other demands.

Improves Visible Cleaning

You will see an amazing transition in the floor cleaning, if you shift simple mopping to dual or triple bucket wringer trolley, Since every time the wet mop is squeezing the dirt into a red-colored dirty water bucket, chances of dirty watermark on the floor reduce dramatically.


The safety of your guests and employees is your prime responsibility, and cleaning floors without a Wringer Trolley is always risky as Janitorial staff can’t avoid moping with excess water on the floor in such case. The wringer fixed on the bucket helps the staff to squeeze the excess water from the mop, preventing the floorings from over wet and slippery. Also remember that a wheeled bucket will always have a lesser spillage of water in comparison to the normal bucket.

Benefits of Housekeeping Trolleys:

Well Managed, Time-Bound, and Professional Housekeeping.

Reduces Workload of Janitors and Housekeeper.

Ensures the Standard Operation Procedure is followed.

Quicker SOS service to the customer.

Improves the rating and image of the property.

Enhances the business and revenue.

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