Guest Room Service Trolley

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Guest Room Service Trolley

The guest room service cart is a multifunctional service trolley basically designed to replenish the guestrooms with toiletries and other non-edible products. This also has the provision to collect the extra linens, towels, or any other useless items including trash in the room.

As the staff is having all the required Linens, Towels, and other toiletries on hand, they are also motivated to follow the SOP and guidelines. They also ensure quicker response to the demands of the guests, as they don’t have to run to the store every time.

Such service carts, improve the image and the rating of the property online which ultimately helps to enhance the business as well.

Application Areas:

Hotel Floors, Hospital Floor (Patient Rooms), Banquet Rooms, etc.

Key Features of Guest Room Service Trolley:

  • A deep Tray compartment to hold supplies securely during transit.
  • Two Vinyl collection bags for collection of trash of different nature.
  • Adjustable shelves to carry ample supplies.
  • Rugged but light-weight Service Cart with push handles.
  • Made of high-density virgin plastic.
  • Provision to carry the vacuum cleaner for dry-dusting of the room.
  • Floor friendly Non-marking caster wheels.
Available Sizes:
  • Total Dimensions : 57”X21”X39”
  • Top Tray inside Dimensions : 14-3/4″X 12-5/8″ X 3″
  • Bottom Side Shelves : 14” depth
  • Wheels (Non Marking) : 4 Nos. | 6”.