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Hygienic Soft Cube Napkins for Restaurant Tables

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Identity: Cube Tissue Napkins, Palm Napkins

Usage: Cube Tissue Napkins are also known as Palm Napkins, and are the new version of multi utility Hand Napkins which can be used at various points of the property as well as personal usage you can imagine. You can keep these napkins at the restaurant tables, kitchens, wash basins and at reception counters as well for all kind of emergencies.

Areas of Application

Offices, Stores, Restaurants, Banquet Halls, Hotels, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Old Age Homes, Food Processing Units, Manufacturing Units, etc.

Features of Soft Tissue Napkin in a Box:

Made from recycled tissue paper (1Ply), yet ensures softness with strength.

This soft palm napkin is can be pulled from either sides and comes one at a time.

Hygienic and ever fresh feeling for the user.

Eco Friendly and easily dissolve in water ensures no clogging and blockage.

Multi utility product and can be placed at different locations of the property for multiple usages.

Also useful for serving party snacks and cutlery support.

Use with cube napkin dispenser for tables.

Product Details

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GE 3903

Cube Napkins 1Ply


100 Pkts

Cube Napkin Dispenser Global Enterprises
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