Best Domestic High Pressure Jet Machine in India

Domestic High Pressure Jet Machine


Domestic High Pressure Jet Machine


Domestic Type High Pressure Jet Machine for applications such as car cleaning, toilet cleaning and other domestic applications.
Usage 15 – 30 minutes in a day.


Homes, Small Offices, Shops, and Restaurants etc.


If you are looking for a best pressure washer machine which can provide amazing result and save water as well; you should chose suitable High Pressure Jet Machines. It saves around 66% water and impact multiplies 10 to 100 times if compared to normal pipe connected to a tap.

Basic Domestic machines are available with the 100-135 bar pressure, which is suitable to daily use of 30-40 minutes. Its wonderfully perform for the car cleaning, porch cleaning, wash areas and toilets cleaning to washing garden plants dust etc.

For heavier usage, choose commercial and industrial models with the 150-200 bar pressure; these machines can be used by Housekeeping Agencies, Manufacturing Units and Car Cleaning Service providers.




PreJet 135

Technical Specifications of Domestic High Pressure Jet Machine:

Working Pressure

100 bar

Maximum Pressure

135 bar

Water Flow Rate

6 L/min.


1500 w


220-240 v


8 kg

Hose Pipe

5 m

Wire Cable

5 m


Compact Mobile Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner for Domestic usage.

Reduce the water consumption up to 66% from regular cleaning.

Automatic start and stop mechanism for the comfort of family members.

Control panel with all the control at one place.

Light weight double sealing aluminum pump and carbon motor.

Built-in thermal protector for safety of the machine.

Plastic gun with adjustable nozzle suitable for various applications.

Build-out detergent tank to support cleaning applications.

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