Paper Hand Towels for Bathroom

Multifold Tissue Paper Towels: Use and Throw

Disposable M Fold Paper Towels

Identity: M Fold Paper Towels
Usage: The paper hand towels for bathroom are also known as “Multifold or Z fold”, it is most recommended design of Folded Tissue Paper Towels. They are mostly used as disposable hand towels in the Offices, Hotels, Hospitals and Industries.

With extra fold only one towel will be pulled out from the dispenser at a given time. This ensures no spillage of towels on the floor and ultimately saves the money. The disposable hand towels come out opened up in the hand of the user (unlike C fold), which also reduce the usage of extra towels (10 to 20% reduction against C fold).

Areas of Application – Paper Hand Towels

Offices, Stores, Restaurants, Residential Complexes, Banquet Halls, Hotels, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Old Age Homes, Schools, Coaching Centers, Colleges, Religious Places, Food Processing Units, Public Facilities, Government Institutes, Manufacturing Units, etc.

Features of Hand Towels for Bathroom:

One at a time and Opened up dispensing.

Universal size for matching most paper dispensers made for Multifold Tissue Towels.

Thanks to unique pattern of fold, it minimizes the wastage of the towels.

Built-in absorbency pockets ensure quick soaking of water and other wet material.

World class quality and softness assured.

Product Details

Product Code

Product Description

Product Dimension

Case Quantity

GE 8901

M Fold Tissue Towel 1Ply

21 x 23 cm

40 Packets

GE 8902

M Fold Tissue Towel 1Ply

21 x 21 cm

40 Packets

GE 8904

M Fold Tissue Towel 1Ply

21 x 21 cm

40 Packets

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