Manufacturer of Cleaning Products.

OSSOM® EnviroCHEM® | SpringMop®

Manufacturer of Cleaning Products
Manufacturer of Cleaning Products

As a manufacturer of hygiene and cleaning products, we at GLOBAL Enterprises present a wide range of high quality and affordable cleaning mops and various janitorial tools and a complete range of professional cleaning chemical solutions.

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SpringMop HACCP Color Coded Mops

During the process, we have designed and developed an extensive range of Housekeeping and Hygiene Chemicals under the brand name of OSSOM® EnviroCHEM® and Professional Mops under the brand names of SpringMop® as per international standards.

We have also added Auto Care products to our range recently and received overwhelming acceptance by the professional car care segment.

Our products possess a wide range of application segments, to name a few Hospitality, Healthcare, Industries, Malls & Multiplexes, Restaurants, Education, and many more.

Our products possess a wide range of application segments, to name a few Hospitality, Healthcare, Industries, Malls & Multiplexes, Restaurants, Education, and many more.Click to Tweet

Every product solution developed at GLOBAL Enterprises is driven on 3 pillars of our vision:


We are redefining product performance standards by developing solutions that performance consistently performs exceeding set standard expectation levels of the current market.


Paramount consideration has gone in developing product solutions that continuously enhance basic standards of personnel health parameters at all working levels. GLOBAL Enterprises is committed to creating a safer and healthier workplace & homes.


Nature is a great leveler! There is an urgent need for all of us to understand its distress signals today than ever before and at GLOBAL Enterprises we are responding through responsibly developing all our products for effective yet environmentally sustainable solutions for our customers and society in accordance with the best industrial practices under ISO 14001:2004 standards.

Our experienced research team has developed and established these products after having market observations and research on the subjects related to hygiene and cleaning habits. The motive of such developments was not only combating the competition with the competitive prices & uncompromising quality but also exploring the cleaning and hygiene – related issues and resolving them effectively.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

We are an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company, an international standard committed to QMS (Quality Management System). This summarizes a plan for increasing the quality and understanding of the terminology of organizations providing products and services as per the expectation of customers and the most effective approach to other concerned.

At GLOBAL Enterprises we strive every day for a better tomorrow for our customers and society at large by constantly developing in-house innovative, simple yet economic solutions to daily cleaning and hygiene problems. You are welcome to choose the products suitable to your application or join hand as an exclusive supply partner for an unrepresented area.

GMP Certified Company

We are certified Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), a system for detecting that our products are continuously produced and monitored according to quality standards. It is designed to reduce the risks inherent in production that cannot be eliminated through the testing of the final product.

They help ensure consistent, decent product quality and safety. One of the most vital components of GMP is quality control (QC), the process of sampling, testing, and comparing outcomes with pre-agreed specifications as part of the overall quality assurance (QA) procedure.

GMP helps to guarantee the uniform quality and safety of products by focusing on five key elements often referred to as the 5 P’s of Good Manufacturing Practice:







We have also obtained Green Guard Certificate Level 1, on the basis of Green Building Standards under the leadership in energy and environment design as per given guidelines of INDIA GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL (IGBC)

Green Seal is one of the world’s most trusted certifications for cleaning, sanitary and facilities care products and services for uncompromising performance, safety, and health.

FDA-approved ingredients and our high-tech testing facility ensure consistent quality to deliver the same result over time. The business of our in-house products (manufacturer of cleaning products) is expanding rapidly after the lockdown period in various states, and we are adding new supply partners almost every week.

Our product solutions have a far-reaching and deep impact in making lives healthier!

ISO 14001 Certified Company

We are an ISO 14000 certified company as well; an international standard sets the guideline of an effective EMS (Environmental Management System). This assists us to ensure environmental performance through more effective use of resources and reduction of waste.

In the process of improving health and safety measures, we have also obtained the OHSAS 18001 certificate for occupational health and safety in order to control risks and strengthen performance in the field of OH&S. OHSAS 18001 places an active and preventive emphasis on risk-control factors by identifying and evaluating the likelihood and intensity of hazards in the workplace.

OHSAS 18001 Certified
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