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Microfiber Hand Gloves

excellent dirt carrying capacity | works faster than cloth duster or rugs
Microfiber Hand Gloves Original-Double-Sided-by-global-enterprises

SpringMop Microfiber Hand Gloves Original

This SpringMop® Microfiber Hand Gloves are made from original white microfiber. It has double sided microfiber fabric and comes with Blue, Red Green and Yellow code.
Microfiber gloves for dusting is also available in single side.

Material Composition:

100% Microfiber Weave

Fiber Length:

15 mm height


White Microfiber


Ideal for dusting, glass cleaning, polishing, buffing, tiles washing, etc.

Areas of Usage:

Best utility in housekeeping, kitchen, automobiles, etc.

Wash Cycle:

Up to 500 washing cycle.

Available Variants:

Single Sided and Double Sided.

Main Features of Microfiber Gloves for Cleaning

This double sided microfiber gloves for car is made of 100% white microfiber fabric.

The special microfiber absorbs & hold 600% water of its own weight.

SpringMop® Hand Glove is perfect for lint free cleaning.

This microfiber car cleaning gloves is ideal for dusting, glass cleaning, polishing, buffing, tiles washing, etc..

Our hand glove works faster than cloth duster or rugs.

Microfiber Glove has best utility in housekeeping, kitchen, automobiles, etc.

This microfiber glove removes and picks up dust, hairs, micro particles, stains, etc.

Available in HACCP Color Coded for the areas where hygiene and safety are critical.

It is ideal for use at Hotels, Malls, Airports, Retail, Showrooms, Educational Institutes, Industrial & Household Applications.

It is recommended to avoid cross-contamination. Use this SpringMop color-coded hand glove as per the following:

Red Colour – for toilets and bathroom.

Blue Colour – for general areas like rooms, hall, offices, lobby, etc.

Green Colour – for kitchen, food preparation areas, restaurant, etc.

Yellow Colour – for infected and critical areas like patient room, lift, etc.

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