SpringMop Solar Panel Cleaning Refill – White

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100% Acrylic premium washer sleeve for superior cleaning of solar panels

SpringMop Solar Panel Cleaning Refill – White

Replacement plush sleeve for Solar Panel cleaning tools.

Solar panels are the most exposed item of any property, not only do bird droppings make them dirty but various types of dirt, dust and pollutants settle on them. This is not good for visibility and hinders the performance of the solar panel. Since chemicals are not advised for solar panel cleaning, you should have high quality washer sleeve fitted on your tool, and that’s what we bring! You can use this high quality acrylic refill with Solar cleaning T-bar or similar tools for dry or damp cleaning of your solar panel.


  • Fabric: 100% Acrylic | (Made in Germany)
  • Fiber height : 20 mm
  • Fabric Color / Structure : White with 850 GSM
  • Fastener : An excellent Velcro fastening is provided in each sleeve


  • All sizes available to suit branded and un-branded window cleaning tools.
  • Can be customized on specific demand.

Application suitability:

This superior quality original German microfiber is recommended for cleaning Solar Panels, Facade Cleaning, Large glasses and mirrors and other finished flat surfaces at:

  • Residential complex
  • Corporate Office
  • Hotel and Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Commercial buildings
  • Manufacturing units
  • Public utilities

Life of the product:

  • Durable product, which lasts up to 500 times washing cycle.

Available as per HACCP and NABL color coding system.

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