Spray Disinfectant

Designed and Engineered in Germany | Made in INDIA

WHO and ECDC compliant | Hospital Grade as per US/EPA


But are we using appropriate and safe chemicals to eliminate harmful pathogens?

We are reading news about many life threatening accidents due to usage and storage of Alcohol Based (Chloroxylenol / Benzalkonium Chloride etc.) surface cleaners in homes and small commercial places. Reason is clear, we were never prepared and trained to use such products and these alcohol based products are now handled by our family members and untrained staff.

On the other hand “Sodium Hypochlorite” is recommended in many other applications related to Covid-19, which looks comparatively safer but having many other limitations.

Sodium Hypochlorite was commonly used as bleaching agent and to sanitize pools prior to Covid-19, this releases Chlorine disinfects which can be harmful for human body. Even a 0.05% solution can be harmful for the eyes of the family member or staff. And if it is consumed accidently by someone, it can seriously harm the lungs and other body parts.

Threats against Sodium Hypochlorite Sanitizers

Unsteady concentration.

Dangerous to handle concentrated liquid.

Corrosive in nature.

Not effective against bacterial spores.

Longer disinfection time required.

Threats of using Alcohol Based Surface Cleaners:

Alcohol solutions tend to evaporate quickly when applied to surfaces, which then limits the contact time. The rate is similar for either isopropyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol, but the higher the concentration of alcohol, the quicker they will evaporate.

Overview on main disadvantages of alcohol as surface disinfectant:

Flammable (large amounts require special storage).

Affected by organic matter.

Damages instruments (e.g. harden rubber, deteriorate glue, etc.)

Evaporates rapidly, making contact time compliance difficult.

Not recommended for use on large surfaces.

Outbreaks ascribed to contaminated alcohol.

Threats against QUATs based surface disinfectant

Active ingredients belong to a class of chemicals known as quaternary ammonium compounds (QUAT), which release formaldehyde. Studies have shown these compounds can cause asthma, fertility issues and birth defects and irritate the skin, eyes and lungs.

In addition, if mixed improperly – e.g.: too much of the spray disinfectant is mixed with too little water – QUAT-based cleaners aren’t guaranteed to be effective at killing viruses. And if they aren’t rinsed off of surfaces, they can even become dangerous and cause chemical burns.

When quaternary ammonium is mixed with organic matter it loses its effectiveness. This makes it an ineffective disinfectant in situations where blood, urine, fecal matter or soil may be present.

Hard water is also a concern and should be tested before using a quaternary ammonium as a spray disinfectant because it loses effectiveness in solution with hard water.

Longer disinfection time required.

Not effective against Multidrug resistant bacteria.

Not effective against Methicillin-resistant Staphyloccocus aureus (MRSA).

Spray Disinfectant by Global Enterprises
Spray Disinfectant by Global Enterprises

Our Recommendations

We never wanted to enter in the race of “selling sanitizers”, but the situation is now beyond control and we had to put our foot down and show the way which product is safe and most suitable in such a scenario.

We are introducing Safe Spray Disinfectant brand ‘REDO‘. It is a highly successful broadband spray disinfectant for inanimate, hard, and repeatedly touched surfaces. The unique formulation of REDO Surface is WHO and European CDC compliant for surface disinfection against COVID-19.

Applications – disinfection of hard surfaces, such as:

Bathroom Surface

Chopping Boards


Door Handles

Elec. Switches

Elevators – Escalators


Hand Rails

Kitchen Surfaces

Taps and Holders

Toilet Seats

Vehicles, etc.

Areas: Offices, Stores, Malls, Airports, Railways, Metro Stations, Restaurants, Residential Complexes, Banquet Halls, Hotels, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Old Age Homes, Schools, Coaching Centers, Colleges, Religious Places, Food Processing Units, Public Facilities, Government Institutes, Manufacturing Units, etc.

Application Methods – Spray Disinfectant:

REDO Surface is a ready to use (RTU) surface spray disinfectant and needs no dilution.

Just spray or wipe on the surface to be treated, until it is covered with liquid.

Recommended contact time: 5 minutes. Follow the label on the packing for more instructions.

Unique combination of various disinfection agent | Power of 6 Active Agents:

This best spray disinfectant is a combination of “6 lively disinfection agents” to a broad spectrum of efficacy, this is much broader than any single agent disinfection method like it combines six active disinfection agents to a broad spectrum of efficacy, broader than any single agent disinfection method like “Hypo-Chlorite Spray”.

This unique combination of the advantages of, Aqueous mixture of Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2), Active Chlorine from Hypochlorous Acid (Cl2), Hydrogene Peroxide (H2O2), Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), Ozone (O3) and Oxygen (O2) eliminates pathogenic bacteria and enveloped viruses like COVID-19 and other germs within a little contact time.

REDO Spray Disinfectant is also WHO and European CDC compliant for surface disinfection against COVID-19.Click to Tweet

Tests and Quality Certificates of ‘REDO’

This product is registered in Germany for unique formulation in the class of surface disinfectants.

It is a Hospital Grade Disinfectant Cleaner as per US / EPA standards.

This product is also WHO and European CDC compliant for surface disinfection against COVID-19.

It is NABL lab tested in India for main reference germs.

Over and above it is free of alcohol and not flammable, hence safest spray disinfectant for your family and staff.

REDO Technology received the Federal Award from the German Government for an Outstanding Innovative Product in 2004.

Production of this product is going on in 32 countries as per above International guidelines and safety features.

Designed and Engineered in Germany.
Production in India.

Production is going on in 32 countries.

Packing Sizes Available with Us: 
500ml, 1 Liter, 5 Liters and 25 Liters

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