Walk behind Sweeper Machine

Walk-behind Sweeper Machine


Walk behind Sweeper


Dust free indoor and outdoor sweeping


Medium to Large Stores, Residential Complexes, Petrol Pumps, Banquet Halls, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Old Age Homes, Schools, Colleges, Airports, Railway Stations, Bust Stands, Metro Stations, Temples, Mosques, Warehouses, Small to Medium Manufacturing Units, Food Processing Units, Government Institutes, Cleaning Contractors, etc.


When we are brooming, we are actually displacing the dust from one place to other. The displaced dust settles down as more critical places, which spoil the whole motive of the cleaning.

Floor Sweeping Machine is first step toward mechanized sweeping, it an economical and easy to use machine suitable to most kind for even surfaces. As it is a gear driven machine and not having any requirement of Electricity or battery, it’s very popular machine in India.




MS 40

Technical Specifications:

Main Brush Width

500 mm

Sweeping Width

650 mm

Dust Collection Tank

40 L

Productivity up to

2600 s.m./hr.


30 kg



Features – Hand Sweeping Machine

3 to 4 times faster than manual brooming.

Gear Driven, hence no electricity or battery required.

Shock proof rugged body.

Dust free Sweeping of Small to medium sized areas.

Most useful for Parking areas, Porch and Petrol Pumps etc.

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