The Water Purification

Alternative to Water Chlorination

“Chlorination is phasing out and RO plants are too costly”.

Just go for the water purification process with advanced REDO Water Systems.
Yes! It’s now available in India.

Safe Drinking Water Redo

An innovative German Technology – multi oxidants water disinfection process for safe and effective water disinfection.

We offers REDO technology solutions for the disinfection of drinking water in all application areas where microbial water quality is of high importance: mainly for drinking water supply through public utilities, in hospitals, in the infrastructure sector with e.g. airports, airlines, shipping and railways, in the agricultural sector and the food industry as well as in bigger building complexes (residential building complexes, schools, public buildings, etc.)

REDO has been awarded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Labor with the “Federal Award for an Outstanding Innovative Product” in 2004. Since then, projects with REDO water systems for water disinfection have been realized in 32 countries of the world.

The solutions which consist of two components:

An innovative technology, which is more effective, eco-friendly and more economical than alternative methods.

The know-how about the specific application area and the individual technical and economical processes of each customer group.

Innovation of REDO Water Systems

Broadband Water Disinfection through the “Power of SIX”


REDO® Disinfection combines six active disinfection agents to a broad spectrum of efficacy, broader than any single oxidant disinfection method.

Different disinfection agents fight different microorganisms.

The unique combination of the advantages of ozone, chlorine dioxide, chlorine and oxygen supported through dihydrogen dioxide and sodium hydroxide results into an insuperable ‘multi-barrier disinfection process’ – with the final removal of bacteria, germs, spores and other harmful vermin.

Advantages over regular Drinking Water Disinfection Methods and Reverse Osmosis Plants (RO Plants)

Highly effective and safe water disinfection – fights difficult germs like e.g. legionella, pseudomonas or multi resistant bacteria too.

Due to the long term depot effect of REDO Water Disinfection, drinking water will stay germfree in the pipe network for days + avoidance of germ intake into the system through water taps, leakages, etc.

Elimination of biofilm in the piping system as source of permanent recontamination.

No hazardous disinfection by-products.

No corrosion to any metal pipes as REDO Disinfection is pH neutral.

No taste or smell of Chlorine in drinking water.

Cost-effective and environmental friendly.

Totally safe, no handling or storage of hazardous substances.

Call us for detailed comparison with Chlorine or Reverse Osmosis Plants.


The goal of disinfection of drinking water supplies (surface water or ground water or tanker water or municipal water) is the elimination of the pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and other harmful vermin) that are responsible for waterborne diseases.

The method of choice for disinfecting drinking water for human consumption depends on a variety of factors like its efficacy against waterborne pathogens, the accuracy with which the process can be monitored and controlled, its ability to produce a residual that provides an added measure of protection against possible post treatment contamination resulting from biofilms, leakages or faults in the distribution system, the aesthetic quality of the treated water and the propensity of various disinfection methods to produce by-products having effects on health and the possibility of eliminating or avoiding these undesirable by-products.

Water is important in our life and needs to be protected from contamination till it is consumed. Complete water safety is only ensured if the drinking water is microbiologically safe.

Considering the era of epidemics, people should take proactive actions immediately and plan for “Non Chlorinated Water Disinfection” for:

Residential and Commercial Buildings

Food Supply Chains

Hospitals and Pathology Centers

Villages and Rural Areas

Water Bottling Plants

Schools and Educational Institutes

Government Offices and residential areas

Railway Stations and Bus Terminals

Public Utilities

Livestock and Dairy Farming

Stadiums and Events

Hotels and Tourist Destinations


We can provide solutions to the targeted areas by ensuring the regular supplies of the product by:

I. Bulk Packing

Procuring the liquid in bulk packing (say 25 liters to 1000 liters packings) which can be distributed as per demand, in same packing or smaller packings.

II. Full Chemical Plant

Onsite generation of REDO liquid just by using salt water and electricity; scalable for water volumes of 1 – 1000 MLD i.e. million liters per day.

III. Mobile Water Disinfection Service

This can be built for different clusters linked to a local production plant. This concept is suitable in case of smaller water volume e.g. 10m3 to 100m3/day.

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