Starting a Cleaning Business Checklist in 7 Key Points – New Business in India!

How to start a Cleaning Chemicals Business in India?

Starting a Cleaning Business Checklist

Are you planning your own brand of cleaning chemicals but wondering about the right sourcing and selection of products? We are sure that all your doubts and queries will end here today!

Whether you are already trading cleaning chemicals or planning for a startup, a business plan to procure in bulk and sell cleaning chemicals with your own brand sounds exciting and is a long term business plan with regular growth.

According to the experts, it is important to study the following points before entering the business of cleaning chemicals:

Targeted Demographic

Targeting a specific demographic is essential for any business, be it a start-up or an established enterprise. It is the first step that determines the success of a product or service and gives us as consumers an insight into what to expect.

Be it your city, multiple cities or a state, targeting the right demographic area is also important as it allows you to better communicate with your target audience.

Segments to be covered

You also need to decide which market segments you want to cater. Market segmentation can identify areas of opportunity in your sales figures and provide you with an effective way to increase profits by targeting specific markets with cleaning and hygiene products.

As far as the current markets are concerned, you can broadly divide the market into the following markets:

1. Traders – It covers the resellers those could be smaller shopkeepers to the larger stores and departmental stores.

2. Consumers – It can be further divided in to Industrial, Commercial, Hospitality, and Service Providers Segments

Product Range

There are many factors that need to be considered, such as budget, target customers and marketing strategy when designing a new product range. These factors are all important to consider before starting development on a new product range as it can save time and money later in the process.

It is also important to always keep up with the changes in the market as things can change quickly with technological advancements – especially when new cleaning and sanitation challenges are emerging in the world every day.

Price Range

This has to be done by considering what products the target market needs, wants or will pay for.

You can plan the range and quality of the products according to the market you are targeting; you cannot sell every product to every market.

Market Potential

It is clear that there is a vast area in the market to explore the cleaning and hygiene business, accordingly the cleaning markets are also constantly changing and evolving. In the era of new virus every day, the market of cleaning and sanitizing chemicals is increasing continuously.

To plan the business dimension in the near future you need to identify the present and future prospects of the target market.


The key to a successful business is preparation. Before your business opens its doors, you’ll have some bills to pay. Understanding your expenses will help you launch successfully. Always calculate the startup costs of your business before you launch.

As far as cleaning chemicals business you need to understand and calculate the following costs:

1. Cost of inventory (Buffer stock of Bulk chemicals).

2. Cost of packing (bottles, stickers and boxes)

3. Cost of marketing and certifications.

4. Cost of infrastructure and operations.

Product Sourcing

Now Sourcing! It is one of the most important and critical factors that can determine the success of the business of the Cleaning Chemicals. Hence, it is essential to tie up with and experienced manufacturer who can offer readymade products of good quality chemicals as per your requirement.

We, at Global Enterprises can fulfill your dream of launching your own brand without any delay as we have everything you are looking for:


Success in the cleaning industry comes from identifying the current needs of the market and shaping your business around those needs. Once you have catered to the range of your products for that customer base, you can expand rapidly. Our experienced team leads as a mentor on various important strategic points regarding the cleaning industry, which is extremely useful. If you are not confident in any part of this process we are always available to offer guidance.


To ensure manufacturing of world-class hygiene and cleaning products, we have hired an experienced research team who has developed these products after market research and analysis of topics related to hygiene and cleaning practices. With this kind of development we not only combat the competition, but also find and solve the problems of cleanliness and hygiene effectively.

Product Range

After all the past experience, research and market update, our team has developed a comprehensive range of over 70 products for housekeeping and daily hygiene. These products are meant for various market segments and end users, which include industry, healthcare, hospitality, food sector, government establishments and commercial buildings etc.


Our excellent past professional experience is an added bonus and our growth as a company did not come as a surprise to most. Since 2008, we have been working hard towards our goal of providing quality products at affordable prices.


As we have mentioned above, you need to consider the targeted market and customer segment to ascertain the prices to be offered, being a manufacturer we have all the options, we can offer top quality world class product to an economical product as per your market demand.


We are already successfully selling all these products offline and online through our own platform of Hygienedunia®.

When we offer prices for bulk packing, it means the best possible price and only chemical agent’s costs, production costs and containers are considered with a minimal margin. Our goal is to generate more revenue instead of higher profit by utilizing our production capabilities.

Viruses are becoming increasingly harmful to the world and people are looking for more and more alternatives in cleaning chemicals. This is the best time to enter the sanitation business.

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