Steam Cleaner Machine


Steam Cleaner Machine


Portable Steam Cleaner for Sterilization, Air Humidification, Car & Sauna Cleaning, Inhibition of Formaldehyde along with regular deep cleaning process.
Recommended usage 30-60 minutes per day.


Offices, Stores, Shops, Restaurants, Residential Complexes, Banquet Halls, Hotels, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Old Age Homes, Schools, Coaching Centers, Colleges, Temples, Mosques, Food Processing Units, Public Facilities, Government Institutes, Cleaning Contractors, Car Cleaning Services etc.


Steam cleaning is now having its own role in the cleaning world. Either you have to remove stubborn spots during regular deep cleaning or sterilize sensitive areas like Hospital rooms and Operation theaters, etc.; steam cleaning is an important part of the set of components related to cleaning & hygiene.

A steam cleaner is also useful for air humidification, clean greasy spots, and getting rid of odor; therefore it is very popular in car cleaning applications.
Steam cleaning also ensures the inhibition of unwanted bacteria in the food areas, butcheries, and food storage.




Steam Jet

Technical Specifications of Steam Cleaner Machine:

Steam Pressure

4 bar


100-145 deg.c.


2000 w

Dual Tank (Capacity)

2.4 L + 1.6L

Water Consumption

up to 2.5L/hr.

Heating up time

2 minutes


8.5 kg


High quality Steam Cleaner with 4 bar steam pressure.

Portable and handy for multi-level commercial properties.

High steam pressure and effective cleaning impact.

No-stop refilling of water.

Excellent temperature for quick cleaning.

4 level protection layer for the safety of the machine.

Temperature controller to adjust as per the application.

Steam adjustable for the pressure.

Automatic stop heating when machine is idle for half an hour.

Wide range of accessories for different applications.

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