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General Purpose Cleaning

Daily Cleaning Chemicals

General Purpose Cleaning Chemicals by

Ossom S2 Multipurpose Hard Surface Cleaner Conc. (5Ltr Pack) Pin

Hard Surface Cleaner

Ossom S2 Super - Hard Surface Cleaner cum Sanitizer (2Ltrs Pack) Pin

Hard Surface Sanitizer

Ossom S2.1 General Purpose Cleaner Conc. 5Ltrs Pack Pin

General Purpose Cleaner

Ossom S3 Glass and Surface Cleaner 2 Ltr Pack Pin

Glass Cleaner Concentrate

OSSOM S4 Furniture Polish 2Ltrs Pack Pin

Furniture Polish

Ossom S4.1 Interior Cleaner Cum Polisher Conc. 5Ltr Pack Pin

Interior Cleaner

Ossom S7 All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate 5Ltr Pack Pin

All Purpose Cleaner

Ossom S10 Alkaline Cleaner Degreaser Conc. 5Ltr Pack Pin

Alkaline Cleaner – Degreaser

Ossom SSP Stainless Steel Polish 2Ltrs Pack Pin

Stainless Steel Polish


Do you still use a ready-to-use Blue Spray cleaner that is available in the market to clean everything in the building? This is not suitable according to experts in the field of professional cleaning. Slowly or quickly, this way you can damage some of the valuable surface of the building.

We have a unique chemical for each cleaning application and we can guide you through the following pages to use the right chemical for these cleaning applications. You can also explore the unique properties of this glaze and polish scanner, which are essential to protect your building with great results on a variety of surfaces.