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Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a highly infectious disease, which was started in the city of Wuhan and now rapidly spread to most countries of the world. After the US and Brazil, India is also one of the countries topping in terms of the number of cases and mortality rate. Various reports now say that Corona is coming back again and again with different mutants and it is claimed to be an “Airborne” virus.

In such a scenario, Hand Wash and wearing the mask is not sufficient and we have to follow few recommendations of the experts to practice stringent Hygiene Measures for Surface Cleaning and Sanitizing, Fruits & Vegetable Sanitization, and Water Disinfection, used for drinking and other routine purposes.

We, as a cleaning and hygiene solution provider, bifurcated the subject into two segments:

Surface Disinfection

Water Disinfection

Break the chain of infections with “Targeted Hygiene”!

What is Targeted Hygiene?

The key to targeted hygiene is that it is focused on breaking the chain of infection. This differs significantly from the traditional view “that hygiene means getting rid of dirt which is where harmful microbes are mainly found”. In reality, the source of harmful microbes is mainly other people, contaminated food and water, and domestic animals.

Harmful microbes enter the home mainly through people or pets, contaminated food or water. They are continuously shed and then spread through carriers such as hands, toilets, cloths etc. We can be infected by these microbes by for example touching an infected surface and then touching the mouth, nose or eyes, or by eating food contaminated by handling it with contaminated hands. This is known as the ‘chain of infection’. All links in the chain need to be in place for an infection to spread. So, if we break one of the links in the chain, then an infection cannot spread.

Break the chain of infection to prevent the spread of harmful microbes!

In the coming pages, we will elaborate on all such issues and explain that how you can get the benefit of revolutionary product Redo, which is a highly successful broadband disinfectant.

The unique formulation of REDO is WHO and European CDC compliant for surface disinfection against COVID-19 and highly effective in cases of Surface and Water Disinfections. By adopting our solutions and trusting this formulation, you can not only save your family and staff, and visitors from various viruses and infections in the coming years but contribute in saving the environment too.

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